Richard G. McCracken

Rich is a MSH partner. He serves as International Counsel to UNITE HERE. He also is the principal outside counsel to the Sheet Metal Workers' International Association and is counsel to the Nevada State Federation of Labor.

Rich's work has been concentrated in comprehensive strategic campaigns, especially in support of organizing. As a result, the cases he has handled include landmarks in securities and corporations law, as well as labor law, in the supreme courts of the United States, California, Nevada and Oklahoma, and the United States appeals and district courts. His emphasis, however, has been not so much on litigation but on helping to design powerful new techniques that conform to and make use of the law but do not involve litigation.


San Francisco
(415) 597-7200
Fax: (415) 597-7201

Las Vegas
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Fax: (702) 386-9848




BA, University of California at Berkeley


JD, University of California, Berkeley, School of Law

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