In Magana v. Woodfin Suite Hotels

In Magana v. Woodfin Suite Hotels, Alameda Superior Court Case No. RG06291309, hotel workers won their 2nd restraining order preserving their jobs against being fired for Social Security no-matchs. These workers had complained in August 2006 to their employer and the City of Emeryville about the hotel not complying with the City’s new living wage ordinance, but then workers were told in September that they would be let go due to the lack of match between the social security numbers they provided at time of hire and numbers on file with SSA (even though the employer had repeatedly been told in prior years about these no-matches and not taken any prior action to require workers to fix their numbers). The Court relied in part on the City’s enactment recently of a supplemental ordinance sharply limiting employers’ ability to discharge workers while their administrative complaints are pending before the City. The current court order precluding these discharges is good until April 20th.